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Day 14 (Wednesday) Under The Big Tent In Liverpool
July 15, 2004

Woke up at about 10 am. We had to check out of the hotel and just use the bus so I gathered my stuff and gave it to Ross to taxi over to the venue where the bus was. I went walking in Liverpool and then eventually found the tent, which was right at King’s Dock. They were serving lunch (delicious Pasta and an amazing Turkish Lentil soup) when I arrived. I chilled and chatted with Frazer. Everyone seemed absolutely knackered from the night before. After the show, the bus was heading straight to London so the Swedes could catch their flights back to Sweden, so I had to get all my belongings off since I was heading to York tomorrow morning.

After sound check, I went back to the hotel and then I got a text from Hannah; she was on her way to the hotel so i left her a key so she could sort herself (sort yourself, Woman!!! Sorry Caryne, I STILL can’t resist!!!!) And then she came over to the tent area (only a 5 minute walk) and then we had dinner (Hannah, Troels and Derek had the veggie enchilada while Kose, Frazer and I had the beef curry. It was all very good. We washed it down with Becks.) And after dinner we watched The Zutons (who were spot on brilliant) as we nursed bottles of Becks that I opened with Hannah’s cigarette lighter (she’s a ‘roll-up’ girl). We hit the stage at about 9pm and actually went over a bit. I was expecting to hang with Will Sargeant again (he came to the show) but there was no after-party, as the Swedes had a plane to catch (and the other guys had one as well, but not till 3pm tomorrow).

We said our goodbyes and then Hannah, Lucy and myself headed over to our hotel, which was across the road, and set ourselves up at the bar. There were some LOVE fans staying there as well but they were real nice. Love fan, FAY, had her cousin leave me a cool shirt at the front desk (they were staying there as well). It was just like the one he wore in Wolverhampton. It had like a zillion colors to it and i loved it! So, Lucy, Hannah and me was sat at the bar chatting and drinking pint after pint and then, at one point, they got all girly on me, but that was ok! Girly chats are fine by me. Then Fay and her cousins came in and sat at a table not far from us. It was evident that they’d gone out to the Cavern alley and drank up quite well! Last orders were at 1am. The tour was over, the bus was gone. Hannah and I hugged Lucy and said goodnight. Big Brother was on. I looked out the window. It had started to rain. Tomorrow we were to catch a train to York, where I was to spend 3 days writing songs. Or at least that was the rumor. Or the idea. But mostly i just wanted to be around good friends, good company and a good woman. The rain came down harder as I closed the curtain and concentrated on that stupid toothpick that Victor refuses to remove from his mouth. My Big Brother Tour Bus was long gone now. But all the wonderful faces in the crowd were still on my mind.

Mike Randle


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