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Mike Randle


Day 15 North By Northampton
February 19, 2004

Started to really get homesick and down a bit. but one thing that really lifts you up is talking to people after a show. they really want to tell you how much fun they had and it’s a good thing to share things like that. it’s very human and very realistic and the antithesis of phony. when you lose touch with people on that level, you lose your soul. by the way, the singer has been going out everynight and signing autographs. soundchecked at the venue and it was good and easy. some of out friends from london came (as some had moved to N’Hampton)..it was richard meehan, and stu and jayny harris (and 2 friends…names escape me, sorry) after soundchek we went and got a great curry. my friend, Hilary, texd me and was nearby and sat down a dn had a beer with us. we all chatted and stu and jayny asked about rita and julian (they had a kid julian’s age) and how everyone in the band is getting on, which i said we were doing well for guys locked together for 2 weeks so far! after dinner, went back to the venue and, after the keys were done we hit the stage. it was a good show and people seemed to dig it. afterwards, the band and crew went back to the hotel, but not beofre saying by to our friends and also getting some stuff signed for them. crashed out around 1am, dead knackered.

Mike Randle


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