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Day 14 Nothingham Cl(P)ub
February 19, 2004

Saw Scottish Keith and David Housden and cast of others next door to the Nottingham club. Tina and Lizzy were filming for the Singer, something pre-arranged by the New Guy (too bad HE can’t be here sweating like dogs!). the show was not bad but the place was too small and the sound system was kinda dinly. afterwards, a bunch of us went and had kebabs (tina recommended the spot) and then went and had hotel pints with the rest of the band and crew (sans Singer) till 1am, when it closed down. Keith and company left and lizzy took a picture of me with her daughter, who has no doubt placed it on ebay (joking)…hit the hay around 2am after watching some news and stuff.

Mike Randle


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