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Mike Randle


Day 17 Driving To Edinburgh
February 19, 2004

It was our day off and we headed to Edinburgh just for the night, as opposed to trying to go all the way to Aberdeen. we checked into our hotel and chilled a bit. walked around some and then the other guys decided to walked into town centre (15 min walk) for Chinese food. i stayed at the hotel and had a hamburger. i asked ofr it with salad, oinions and tomatoe on it. she only brouhgt it with salad. i asked for the rest. she then brought out quartered tomatoes. i then joked about my opins or lack there of. she laughed and went about her business. there you go. Britian in a nutshell. lousy service. i convinced myself the burger was good. called the new guy later on to get him to fax some stuff to the hotel we need and chatted with Rita for a little bit.

Mike Randle


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