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Day 18 The Aberdeen Machine
February 19, 2004

I like Aberdeen. last time we play here, in the same venue, people really dug it. our sound check was good and fun. the club served dinner…chicken lasagna and also veg lasagne. food was great. a salad to boot. had some beers before show. went down to chat with (merch guy) Antony when i spotted Rosanne, the bassist from Draw. she was here with her brother, Sandy. they have a new band together, Electric Tibet. ok, showtime was 10:30. we ROCKED. R-O-C-K-E-D. rusty says best show ever. i say ask them Scots. they KNOW. it was so much fun i almost didn’t want to leave the stage. almost. afterwards, Sandy and Rosanne came backstage to say hi to the singer. i have to say, Marge, who runs the club, always treats the band nice. thanks marge. Rosanne mentioned something about a club but we were all dead tired. went back to hotel around 1am. Kebabs across the street were open. Chicken kebab to go, sir. chili sauce and yogurht sauce. yum. after i ate, I went downstairs to the lobby to call my bank (someone had used my CC w/o my permission). when i was done, i noticed Troels, Bent, Antony and Kose drinking pints and also pouring shots from a bottle of brandy. i joined them. we didn’t stop till 4:30 am.

Mike Randle


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