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Day 2 (Friday) Hurry Up, You’re On!
July 2, 2004

Checked out of the hotel at about 11 am (I’d gotten in that morning from Hannah’s flat in North London) and I’d had a rough stomach from the dodgy kebab Han and I had last night. We got the bus, finally, at 1.30 pm. I went to the bunk and slept nearly all the way to Glastonbury. We arrive to the grounds about 5pm but it was another hour before we even got to our tent area. And then the BBC was trying to get us to play a song acoustically and they took time just to get to their spot because of all the people walking around. But we did get there at 6.30pm and did ‘Bummer in the Summer’ and was then shuttled back to the tent grounds where the bus was parked. We only had 45 minutes before stage time at that point and so I ate some fish and chips (yuck) backstage and drank a few beers. More than a few really!! Hit the stage at 8.30, I think, and we certainly rocked and had fun. Afterwards went over to the bar next to the bus and saw some friends from bands and other people who book festivals and venues, like Susan from Glasgow who was booking a show August 14th and asked me to play solo but had to decline, sadly, as I’m just getting back to L.A. from Spain’s Bennacassim Festival.

I went back to the bus and took a nap till about 11.30pm. I went over to the bar tent and Glenn Tilbrook was playing with a quartet. Listen, his set was spot on, amazing. I could not believe my ears, he was that good. I drank some more pints and then, near 2am, went to my bunk, read some of The Portrait of Dorian Gray, and then went to sleep.

Mike Randle


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