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Day 3 (Saturday) All This Mud Is Making Me Sick
July 2, 2004

We woke up to the rain and mud, which was terrible, in my opinion! You couldn’t even go 5 feet without getting unbelievable amounts of mud on your shoes. Also on the tour bus you have a toilet but you only go wee in the toilet, not, you know, poo, on the bus. No one does cause it won’t work if you do (the toilet system, it’s difficult to explain so just trust me) so that meant one had to sludge it to the artist toilets, which were only 20 feet from our bus, but all the toilets were backed up. This was tough but I waited it out.

I pretty much stayed on the bus all day, stepping off to go to the bar once and then getting some food with Ross. We sludged it through the thick mud to get some very tasty jerk chicken from one of the food stands. Also heard Paul McCartney’s set, which sounded brill. Afterwards, I had a few beers with Ross and watched ‘Big Brother’. Hannah worked late and I wound up chatting with her on the phone at 4am. We went to bed afterwards, dead tired again.

Mike Randle


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