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Day 24 Liverpoodlian Time
February 25, 2004

Woke up and had an English breakfast. I begged my stomach to hold it in, just this once, for me. and to my astonishment, i was able to hold down beans and toast and sausage at 8 am. how I don’t know. went over to the Merseyside BBC to use their computers and then i took another LONG stroll all around city centre Liverpool. Around noon, I got a call from Kose saying if i found a store that carried DAT tapes, to buy a few. i searched everywhere, high and low. ziltch. i did find a nice cafe called “Cafe Latino” and had coffee, salad and calamari. it was great. while i ate i also read some soap magazine and read the dirt on Coronationation street, you know, about Katey announcing at the wedding that steve was the father of her baby, not Roy. it was a good article. it was now nearing soundcheck and i was freezing like mad. as i walked to the venue i thought of how our lives are, our reality. it’s something that’s tough to put into words. but as i walked a young guy, maybe 16, yelled,”Mike Randle”. i waved and looked to see who it was. i didn’t know him. but thenit set in; Liverpool had warmed up to us and that was nice. i ran into a nice couple right after that and they were excited about coing to the show later. so was i! after soundcheck, Bent and I went to “Nandos” for chicken. Now, how they snuck such a good food chain like NANDOS insid Britain you could never explain to me in a zillions years. but it was damn good. later we played a spot on show, IMHO. it was most fun i,ve had since King Tuts last year. the fans were awesome and after the show, Mick and John Head (of SHACK) gave us really complimentary praises for our musicianship and just the way we rocked. thanks guys, that means alot. of course, i put n my SHACK t-shirt on for the encores for good measure! afterwards, the Singer and Shack hung out and caught up on old times while the rest of us chilled in the hotel lounge with Kebabs (Treols has made a quick run!) and Grolsh pints. we reflected on the goodtimes and the bad times, but mostly the good. Bent and I called Antony. we woke him up. He was back on board. we were running again on full throttle. i thought about yesterday’s drive up. we were listening to a disco CD TIna made us. i thought about that song, “Aint no stopping us now”, and laughed. everyone looked at me like i was mad! maybe i am…

Mike Randle


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