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Day 23 Day Off In Liverpool
February 25, 2004

The nearly 3-hour drive to Liverpool (from Newcastle) was nice and comfortable. we checked into our hotel around 3pm. I took a walk around Liverpool. cold. old. no Beatles. people seemed to scream “get me out of here” but the words never came out. i was just imagining it. when a woman stopped me to ask for a cigarette she noticed i was american. she then said she wanted to move to america. her answer was one for the books, “what the feck makes ya think i woona live ‘ere in england?” i didn’t have an answer. i usually don’t. there was ice on the ground and snow on the tops of windsheilds. all i could think of was venice beach and rollerbladers dancing toChic’s “Good Times.” i decided to keep that to myself. went back to my room and watched sky news broadcast the 5 most exciting news (by british standards) and then repeat then every 5 minutes for 5 HOURS STRAIGHT. i took the homeopathic sleep aids and nodded out to some Sky News Weatherman’s posh accent…

Mike Randle


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