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Day 29 The Garage Of Garages…
March 1, 2004

Left Richard’s and caught the Piccadilly line to Green Park and transferred to the Victoria line, got off at Highbury Islington station. walked up to the oub called the “something” Cock. just can’t remember. finest cock? I dunny know but that was the name or similar to it. caught the end of the Middlesborough football game. had pints with (Chre label boss), Dave Talbot and friends. after that, went to soundcheck and then rehearsed backstage till it was time to play the show. played from 10pm till 11pm, getting cut off at the last song. afterwards had beers and wine with the whole LOVE gang (including Kose!), plus the usual LOVE characters and even Darian (Brian Wilson) was there. is he following us around? Got an email from (Trumpter) Probyn’s gal in LA asking about Brit beer. I had to break it to her that you can get better beer in LA at barney’s beanery or the cat n Fiddle!!!! well, it was a long day but i made it thru and everyone who turned up to see the show, thanks a million. hope i didn’t suck…

Mike Randle


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