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Day 29 A Good Night Sleep In Middlesex
February 29, 2004

No it ain’t a porno. Richard lives across from Heathrow and this area used to be called MIDDLESEX but no longer. sush a shame. Oh i forgot to mention last night that Darian (keyboardist, musical director) from Brian Wilson’s band, came to the Aylebury show and loved it. Rusty pointed to his hair (if you know him you know JUST what i mean…) during the show and I playfully flipped him off, as John E (i think? or was it someone else?) told me they saw the SMILE SHOW at RFH and Darian said, “Tell Mike i love him, but he’s a bastard!” so after the Aylesbury show (which i though was totally groovy) we all hung out and (KEYS DRUMMER) Elliot was drunk off his ass (AS USUAL!!!) and just having a blast. i went backstage and the Singer was kicking it. i said “Darian’s out there” and he said oh he wanted to say hi and there were a few fans out and the Singer chilled with everyone and stuff. but i think i said all that already, right? like we all took pix at the end. that was a good fun time. so i woke up this morning, showered and did a bit of laundry at Richard’s. made some coffee and then watched the bonus material on the NEW GUY’S HOB DVD. the jam with Johnny and Don Conca is way cool. a must for any real Johnny Echols fan. you can even see me eating a taco in the corner..tonight is the solo show…so, from Middlesex at 12:30pm on feb 29 i bid thee farewell till tomorrow or sometime thereafter methinks…

Mike Randle


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