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Day 30 Fun With The Swedes (Not That Lot!!) — By Caryne
March 3, 2004

Well, Mike said to do a diary for London and then he does one anyway, so I’ll make this short (probably) and I’m rushing so excuse the typos (and me an English teacher) Anyway, got up to Paddington 2 minutes early (the trains had excelled themselves) wasn’t sure where I would be eating so thought best bet was to rush straight to ‘Red Veg’ in Dean, Street. Now they usually do bloody excellent, vegan, burgers but today, oh no, I guess it was because I was their first customer of the day but it was like old boots, anyway, don’t let that put you off they do do great food, just give ’em a chance to get rid of what they didn’t sell the previous night. Agreed to mees Aake and his mates from Sweden, Gunnar and Soren (prob. spelt wrong) in a pub (of course) Found the ‘Famous Cock’ (I was expecting to see a picture of John Holmes on the sign outside but no!!) and drank. Those swedes certainly know how to drink, I’ve just lost count of it all. Soon joined by John E, Lizzy, Tina, Gill and her son. Drank more. Finally went over to Garage to catch the end of a band (seemed ok). Did all the usual ‘hellos’ to everyone, including the lovely Jos, who hadn’t met before. Mike sounded great, far better than on record and we all went home happy. Next morning, hungover from hell, met up with Swedes again, they drank more but kept on the tonic water. (I was already knackered before this weekend, thing is I’d done two days in London the week before, several gigs in the week and worked every day, so I think I’m killing myself!) Anyway, got to the ‘Bull and Gate’ next to the Forum around five. If you’ve ever been in that place you’ll know that they have the fastest barman in the world, he didn’t stop moving all the time we were there, Aake tried to take a photo but he was just too quick! Joined by Tina and Lizzy, they were filming the gig and having a few problems though all sorted out in the end. Steve 64 was buying the spare ticket off me, got very worried when he was late and then got this nonchalent text about him ‘having chips’!! Great bloke! Got in the gig about 8, years of experience got me to the front in no time and joined up with John E and a few others (sorry don’t remember the names but all lovely!!) The Seeds were, as always, bloody entertaining. I’ve got quite a bit of their stuff already and I recommend it’s checked out by everyone, totally mad but fun. Sky is a sight to behold (but not too close!!) Enough people have spoken about the gig,so I won’t say much! I thought Mike seemed a little distracted but after reading about all the whisky I understand why! Being at the front I didn’t notice how full the venue was till I turned round and saw upsttairs packed too, incredible, it was quite a feeling. I still love ‘Signed DC’ best of all but all was superb, and I don’t think ‘Rainbow in the Storm’ sounds a bit like the theme from the ‘Rainbow’ programme!! Good to hear ‘Can’t explain’, though, nearly missed my taxi by doing it! Bloody annoyed I had to leave before the end, I hate living in Bristol AND having to work the next day but entertained by a cab driver who seemed stunned that I was a teacher and mad enough to travel up to London to gigs on my own (I’m not sure which fact surprised him the most) Got the train with only a few minutes to spare and slept all the way home. Wonderful, next stop the sheep of Brecon! Actually that wasn’t so short after all!!

Love to all, Caryne

Mike Randle


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