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Day 31 The Mouth Of The Port
March 4, 2004

Walked around Primrose Hill on a beautifully perfect morning… we set off for Portsmouth around noon and arrived near 2pm. the town is a gorgeous costal place reminiscient of towns just north of san diego, sans the spanish influence (however, there was a resteraunt called FIST FULL OF TACOS AND ITS RUN BY REAL MEXICAN PEOPLE…what, a wrong turn somewhere?) after check in rusty and i taxid to town for a kebab (chicken kebab) and when we told the tqxi driver our reason for being in Portsmouth (he asked) he was excited and charged no fare: we then put the nice guy on the list to get in ( don’t try to bribe us, ok?) after that we walked back and checked out the beach. the weather was really nice, much warmer than london. at 6pm we soundchecked and then watched Chris Helme play an awesome set. later LOVE took to the stage. it was a fast paced show. fun stuff. at one point, a punk rock knuckle head started so,e stuff and had to be ejected. he was abusing the fans, many of them women, just bullying and spilling beer. i waved bye as he left the building. after the show; Chris and a journalist named Simon and myself sat at our hotel bar and drank some pints. then i hit the hay, only to be awaken with an LA CALL from Rita and me a bit groggy! but that was nice, as we are gone for so long…only 33 days left! slept a good 4 hours before…

Mike Randle


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