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Day 35 Kings Of Lyon
March 8, 2004

The wake-up call came about 6;45. ouch. got it together, had a cuppa tea and was at the bus round 7:30. we loaded our stuff on and then went and had so,e breakfast. tons of traffic getting into Lyon but the drive was spectacular. Breathtaking. snow in the mountains, beautiful farms. cows. sheep. i was getting hungry. after soundcheck, i ran into my old friend from paris, Melville, whom i hung out with june 15, 2002 after our show. me him and the non stop riot of fun, the Paillet sisters (aka; Claire, Anna and Lisè) well Melville was kind of enough to grab us a good bottle of wine to present for the singers birthday. the band went to a resteraunt next door and had great lasagne and salade mixte. yum. after that went back to the hotel to shower and get dressed. then we were back at the venue and i got the Seeds do a blisteringly great set, their best of the tour. the venue was so small i was nearly out of view from most people…which was fine with me! at so,e point, a heckler asked that the singer remove his shades. i little exchanged happed but it all ended on a friendly note. the highlight of the set was the singer changing the words to CLARK AND HILLDALE. it was really funny. Love fan, Jane Killey, flew over fro, the Isle of Man with her hubby and she was right up front and on SINGING COWBOY, the singer sang right in her face and she took a close up with her camera! the show was over but then i ran onstage and got the crowd to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the singer! all in all a great night! the people that worked at the venue were cool and afterwards 3 of them came back to Kose and Troels room where the party was; one guy was JD, who drove the singer around, JD;s girlfirend, Barbora, and one other guy who never said a word, just drank whiskey. Sky showed up and the party was in full swing. i got tired and headed off to bed. lucky for me my room was only next door. hit the hay around 2am.

Mike Randle


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