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Mike Randle


Day 34 Best Show I Never Seen!!!!
March 8, 2004

Drove to Angouleme while watching (awesome Brit comedy) LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN on the bus and just in stitches beyond repair! there was a bit of traffic but we finally made it. club fed us great french food. after that it was show time. Seeds played a great set and then we played. the croud was a bit subdued but there were so,e wild ones up front. after the show, I was having a beer with Antony when a fan came up to me and said THAT WAS THE BEST SHOW I NEVER SEEN!!!!! with that i laughed and got on the bus. There was nothing on but french tv, not even the news so I hit the hay. the world could have blown up and we wouldnt even be able to see it on tv.

Mike Randle


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