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Mike Randle


Day 38 (Part One) – The Swiss Alps
March 13, 2004

Wake up call came at 8:30 am. I met up with Kose for breakfast and while he had a croissant and coffee, I had ham, yogurt, and coffee. Food in France is tops. The difference between French cuisine and British food is a bit like the Sun and the Moon; they’re both round and THAT’S where the similarities end. French food is to be enjoyed and cheered, the essence of being alive! British food puts the fear of God in toys, reducing your stomach to a digestive cracker graveyard. But, where the Brits are funny and clever the French are dull and pushy. A French woman said to me in Lyon, “I can speak English, but won’t!”. I told her I was very proud of her. She looked proud. She missed the joke.

Mike Randle


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