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Day 39 The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Love! — By Caryne
March 18, 2004

Having a drink with Dukie, Caryne, Bootsie, and Phil before the show — Photo by Dukie Anderson

This was a straight-from-work job, dashed out of school, at 3pm, faster than the kids! Drive to Brecon was quicker than I thought, it’s really lovely around that area, the hills looked amazing, just wished I could have been staying longer. Found guest houe (after noting ‘Kebab Shop’ and thinking of Mike!) Now I’ve been vegan for around twenty five years, my mates hadn’t mentioned it to the landlady and she really tried her best to think of something for me to eat for breakfast – sometimes, when people are this helpful I feel really awkward but there was no way I could eat her ‘sunflower spread’ on my toast and the poor woman couldn’t understand why! No matter how often I said it ‘didn’t matter’ she persisted. Later she told my mates ‘there’s no pleasing her!’ – well, there is, but it aint with sunflower spread! (And that isn’t a ‘Last Tango in Paris’ reference either, in case you were wondering!!) Had no idea where the venue was but figured in a town that small it couldn’t be far. Text Mike about drinks etc (by the way, I text everyone lots, it’s best to ignore them unless they are important!!) be suggested the bar at the venue and, as there didn’t seem to be a bettter option, went for it. My mates got a meal, I found cider! By the way, the theatre was very picturesque, overlooking the canal, newly built etc, lovely. Mike appeared and attempted to by a pint at the bar (not before entrusting me with several pages of closely written diaries which I’ll be typing later), the bar staff seemed to find him invisible so we gave up and went upstairs (bigger bar). Now Mike was committing the heinous crime of carrying a glass bottle, so he had to drink that one very quickly and then buy one in a lovely plastic glass (not a problem, so it seemed). Disocovered the people of Brecon are having problem with band identity, Mike had been greeted earlier with ‘Hello Arthur’, so he’s gone from a ‘Teenage Guitarist’ to a bloke pushing 60 in a few weeks, amazing what the rigours of touring can do to a man?!! Dukie and his mate arrived, camera appeared (my hand can be seen on Torben’s website!) and more alcohol. Sadly missed Micky Gee (first support) great guitarist, saw him in Cardiff, but beer/cider had to be drunk. Mike went off for his (and Rusty’s) guest appearance with Chris Helme and we went into the stalls (Nice to see Rusty shaking something!!) Now me, I find it hard to sit down at a Love gig and when I realised people were going to sit all the way throuhg I actually felt physical pain, I felt caged in my seat and though I enjoyed the show (and I’m sure Dukie will have already posted the set list on Torben’s site) it wasn’t till the one song encore (they’d well over run the 11pm curfew) that I was really happy when I got the chance for some jumping around at the front – though I’m sure 99% of the audience thought I was mad! Too soon all over, bye to Mike and back to ‘cosy’ guesthouse (noting ‘Kebab Shop’ still open, wonder if he found it?) Slept well then back to Bristol, screaming kids and a wonderful two hours of pain at the tattooist from where I have just returned. No more gigs for me till April 2nd, can I wait that long….

“Pretty Boy” Mike, Caryne and Dukie

Mike Randle


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