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Mike Randle


Day 5 Brighton That Rainy Day!
February 19, 2004

No such luck. the rain kept coming. i did find a Belgian deli place and got a nice good pastrami sandwich. went back to the hotel and napped a bit. then walked over to soundcheck. saw Martyn again (he’s bloody everywhere) setting up his camera. we soundchecked and expected to eat but the catering lady was late so we said sod it and high tailed it back to the hotel. finally came onstage and it was sold out as well, but we went on about 9:30 and played a good show. it was a very fun show…but they all are in brighton. saw gill and jeff trice in the front row. jeff gave me that England shirt i wore the night Argentina lost to England. credit jeff. after the show, went back to hotel…bar was closed so went up to room, showered and hit the hay, dead tired. tomorrow we were heading to Cardiff.

Mike Randle


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