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Day 6 Cardiff I Had Some Brains…
February 19, 2004

100 miles from Cardiff, about 4pm the bus broke down and we had to sit and wait for a mechanic. finally got up and running and got the soundcheck dead late but ready to go. i saw Talbot (who runs the Ochre label) with flyers for my solo record (to be out in May, folks) and we just let the crew do the check for us (by the way, our crew are awesome. they are Troels-stage tech, Bent-tour manager, Kose-sound engineer and Antony-merchandise) while we sat on the couch in amazement on how wacky the day had gotten. went onstage around 10:30 and played a decent show. Dukie was there with his son and we took pictures with them. afterwards, went back to the hotel and took a long hot bath. watched some “I’m a celebrity” and started rooting for Kelley.

Mike Randle


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