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Day 52 Pardon Me; I’m A Drunk (Or The Brook Rocks!)
April 2, 2004

Went into city centre in the afternoon and some people surfed the net (not I) while others grabbed a bite and even others got ice cream floats, No, wait a minute, I meant milkshakes. After that we drove to load in and then everyone chilled around the venue. After sound check I went and got some food and, a little later, Rusty and I joined Chris Helme again on ‘Only Myself to Blame.’ The ‘Love Concert’ was a good one and afterwards the Singer (who was in a good mood) signed autographs at the merch. Table! After that a bunch of us drank Budvar and laughed and stuff. Left Southampton about 12.30am and drove to London, where we all had beer and whiskey at our hotel. Troels, Kose and I ordered Lasagne from room service (lasagne, my ass! It was bean chilli with cheese on top!) Hit the hay at 3am after watching some of the 9/11 testimony. I wonder if they’re gonna blame it on Clinton or if the Bush Regime ‘Blame Game’ grounds to a halt, leave Dubya having to take responsibility for being a fuck-up for the first time in his life?

Mike Randle


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