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Day 53 Day Off In La Caruna, Spain
April 2, 2004

Wake up call about 8am. Taxi’d over to Heathrow at 9.30 and caught our flight to ‘La Caruna’ and landed about 2.30pm. Our bus came for us and we all piled in, except for Troels. His bags (not sure about this word? Caryne) were lost in flight and he had to fill in paper work. We all felt bad for Troels. There were two bed spots on the bus and the Singer went to sleep on both while we covered the gorgeous Spanish countryside, on our way to the Caruna coast (the airport was in Santiago)

Checked into our hotel and 7.30pm went down and had a beer with Glenn. The Glenn left and Daddyo and Rusty came down. So we ordered more pints. The Chapple showed up. And then Glenn came back. So the five of us were drinking pints. Glenn said to us he wanted to take us out to dinner, so we went to meet in the lobby at 8.30. I downed my drink and head to Room 206, my room. Chapple had his laptop online so I answered a couple of emails including renting a room at a friend’s house starting May. The wife ‘n’ me have decided to separate, as it’s for the best. So, upon my return home, I need to mix and master ‘Barstool Blues’ (including figuring out the track listing) and send off to ‘Ochre Records’ for a MAY release.

So we went downstairs at 8.30 and then all of us (everyone except the Singer who was staying in) walked down to the Caruna Marina near where tomorrow’s gig will be. The eatery of our choice didn’t open for another 15 minutes so we found a nearby bar and nursed a round of ‘San Miguel!’ By 9pm we were back at the restaurant, the seven of us taking the very last table (the place filled up with patrons THAT quickly!) We started with bottles of red and white wine then came the ‘Ensalada Mixta’ then the seafood soup with bread, then came the stuffed calamari relleno and monkfish and carne asada and then shrimp soup and more wine, and more wine. Meal was finished with coffee and brandy and then we went walking for a club. I got tired of walking and headed back to my room. Chapple followed but the other guys seemed determined and marched on without us. Crashed out (after a little telly) around 2am.

Mike Randle


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