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Mike Randle


Day 66 Wednesday Week
April 8, 2004

woke up about 5:30 am, washed up and headed to Norm’s for breakfast. Now, i don’t know if you’ve ever been to Norm’s but Norm’s is a funny place to be at 5:30 and if you were there, well, you’d know exactly what i am talking about. See, if you ever had the inkling to hang around cops and truck drivers just go to any Norm’s at 5:30am. So, i found myself a seat and got a cuppa coffee and read the LA TIMES, which is not a very good rag, and then i ordered bacon and eggs and hashbrowns. and that was good for 5:30am. went and checked out some places to live, nothing really that i liked. checked into a hotel in Culver City, near Marina Del Rey. Went to Truetone (my #1 fave guitarshop…some of my plectrums say “Truetone Loves You”) to look at some guitars and stuff. at 3:30 i picked up Julian from school and we went to the park where we met up with the New Guy and his son, the little new guy, and those rascals tortued everyone in the park for about 2 hours. then we went over to the new guy’s house and the 2 kids played in the backyard making mud and stuff while the New Guy and I talked about the tour and stuff. Around 6pm, i took Julian back to his Mum and his sitter, Michaelle (Fairfax High Junior), was there to watch him while me and his mum went over to some trendy overpriced resteraunt on Melrose to discuss Julian’s future and a few other issues. we both had a glass of merlot and when the bill came i insisted on getting it. and it came out to $19! Never, ever, go to the place across from the Bohdi Tree, ok? (not Urrth Cafe but the place just west of Bohdi Tree) The waiter had a ponytail. hello! So after that, his mum split for some plans she had and i stayed with Julian and Michelle for a few hours and then i made off for my hotel, just catching the last 20 minutes of the Sopranos. Was dead tired and tried to read a new book i bought (Oscar Wilde biography) but simply fainted from exaustion at the unbelievable early hour of 10:30pm. As i dozed off i had a dream that i was telling all my troubles to a very lovely woman who lived by the sea. she told me to shush and presented me with a kebab! and she kept calling me puppy…

Mike Randle


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