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Day 67 Bumping The Nightfly On A Nice Day
April 9, 2004

Got up around 8am, washed up and hopped in the car. drove to the beach and watched the waves roll and listned to the beach sounds and stuff. fell asleep in a nearby grassy area, woke up and it was 10:30. went to Joe’sdiner and had a cheeseburger (everything on it) and an icetea with lemon. had some car trouble but got it sorted. drove to TRUETONE music, my favorite guitar shop. Ran into a guy named “Jack” who used to be in SONS OF ADAM. we shot the shot about this and that and he waxed nostalgic about the sunset strip in the 60’s. then Rolan Bolan came in and it was like years since i’d seen him. he’s moving to London in June and we talked about the drummer of MARSHMELLO and HAR MAR SUPERSTAR, Bert, and how Bert had been drunk (i was telling Rolan) the whole time last weekend and he kept coming upto Manny and I saying him and me had to have a shot of tequila at Camber Sands (he said that at the afterparty at SBE.) sO rOLAN BOUGHT THIS REALLY NICE GUITAR and i was telling a story of how Walter Becker came in one day to buy a guitar and i was there and Walter pulls up in this raggedy Merc Benz and i pointed to a black Benz outside and Roland goes, “Man, that’s MY Benz!” and i tried to explain it was part of the story but oh well…after that i went over to Rusty’s and yep he was watching “Raiders of the lost Ark” on DVD. Then we got a call from Daddyo and Traci saying to meet them at CHEZ JAY, which is like 5 min from Rusty’s house. So i drove us there and then we valez parked and then had drinks with Michael Shelley and his wife, Jordon…it was Michael’s birthday. then some old friends showed up like my pal, Vic, and also Gary Calamar (local popular DJ and also musical supervisor on 6 FEET UNDER)…i told Gary about the cartoon i did the theme for, THE HIROS, and how the WB were gonna show it real soon and he was happy for me. After that, which was about 8:30, Me Rusty and Traci went to Gilberts for mexican food and margharitas and that was real fun. I dropped Rusty off at his house about 11pm , drove to my hotel and crashed out. and that, as they say, was that. Tomorrow i pick Julian up from his Mums and spend the whole weekend with his so DAYS 68, 69 & 70 will have to wait till sunday night. The diary finally takes a brake…

Mike Randle


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