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Day 69 Culver City Blues
April 12, 2004

Mike & Julian Julian woke up first, about 7am and turned cartoons on. i ran him a bath whilst i straightened up. After we were both sorted we went over to my mom’s house again for coffee. AJ was still in the garage playing Madden 2004, 24 hours later. My uncle called (from Stockton, where Pavement are from. you NEVER want to visit Stockton, trust me) to speak to my mum but she refused, as it was the Sabbath. So, after we finished coffee, i gave her a ride to Church and AJ would pick her up (she drives but didn’t feel like it and neither of us go to church so the deal was one of us has to drive her). After we dropped her off we stopped by Becky’s and the basket was there. We took it to the hotel and Julian opened it. loads of chocolate and toys. See, my relatives spoil the brat something awful. plus there was a $20 bill in one of the eggs. i asked Julian what he wanted to do with it. And so, as you can imagine, we were off to Toys R Us. he wanted some transformers adn spent $15 on them. So, we got back from Toys are us and then we were hungry and so we went to Jonnie’s Pastrami. Now, this place is awesome. I feel bad for anyone who has never had the pleasure. it is unforgetable. and it’s right around the corner from Tito’s tacos! so Julian played with his toys and i worked on the outline for my books and thought about combining the two and then thought against it and then came to the conclusion they need to be seperate. One is a fun documnetation of my life travling all over the world and the funny circumstances i have encountered (some of which are documneted in the diaries but MOST OF WHICH have only appeared in my notebook…[imagine swedish accent] ‘cume hair, my liddo pop star…) in my rediculously lucky life. And so while the little kid played, the big kid sat back and laughed. at everything. at myself. i thought about how Culver City sucks donkey tackle. this place sucks. but what can you do? soon we were watching star wars again and ready for bed. early nights everynight, a direct contract to staying up till 6 am with cute spanish girls…

Mike Randle


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