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Day 70 Love Will Keep Us Together
April 15, 2004

Got up about 6am and Jules was still knocked out. Around 9am we drove to NORM’S in West Hollywood. Dropped Julian off at home about 9:30 and i went to look at a place but it was crap. So i met up with the New Guy and his wife at King’s road park where he was hosting an easter egg hunt for neighborhood kids (contrary to messageboard belief, the new guy actually has a soft spot for kids…). He made some dip as well..and I took acception to this, as it was from left over chili that he’d made. but, his chili is usually great. but i don’t like the idea of it being processed into a dip. not me. So, then a bit later Julian shows up with his mum in tow and everyone seems to be having a good time. I get a call from LOVE fan, Dennis, in Las Vegas. Dennis goes way back with Love and is a friend of Michael Stewart’s. (his daughter, Laura, is a friend of ours as well and she was the one who’s name was announced from the stage at the San Diego street scene) so i chatted with Dennis for about 20 minutes and then went back to the party. Around 3pm it broke up and then the new guy, his wife and kid and julian and i went to their house (a few minutes walk) and bar b q’d steaks and hotdogs. a nd, get this, i actually drank non-alcoholic beer. imagine that…while the new guy had the real thing. well, we did that till 6:30 and then i dropped Jules back off…he was happy to see his mum again and i took off to santa monica. met up with Rusty at the Tavern about 8pm and said, what the heck, and had a few beers. It wsa then that Aiden and Alia convinced me to get up and do Kareoke (did i write this already? this feels like deja vu all over again…) and so i did 3 songs; Randy Newman’s “Short People”, Andy Gibb’s “I just want to be your everything” and “Love will keep us together”, by the Captain and Tennile. After that, went back up the hill to Rusty’s house and watched DEADWOOD with Rusty’s house mate, Javon. DEAWOOD is a weird western. i liked it. it’s on HBO. then i watched a movie called SHALLOW HAL, which i liked , but felt a little uncomfortable watching it. i got the point and see what they were trying to do but it made me sad that people act that way in real life. People can be cruel sometimes. Around 12:30am i went to LAX airport to pick up Rusty’s other housemate, Kate, who was flying in from boston after visiting family for easter. we got back about 1:30 am and I hit the hay about 2am.

Mike Randle


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