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Day 7 (Wednesday) Bbc You Real Soon…
July 2, 2004

Woke up around noon to Frazer banging on my bunk. Got up and Frazer was nice enough to do us a cup of tea, which was just what I needed. Fay texted me my stuff was done and that she was gonna taxi to the hotel and soon she was there and I had clean clothes and no more muddy Glastonbury stuff! So we walked to the Glass House on Broad Street and ate a good meal. I had lamb steaks and Fay had trout. Lisa dropped by and then and then we all had pints. Afterwards, I went back to the hotel with about 1 hour to spare before we go to the BBC to do Janice’s radio show.

We pulled up about 7pm and unloaded. The lazy bastards at the BBC didn’t even help, BUT, they have delicious sandwiches, beer and – get this – PRINGLES!!! I firkin LOVE Pringles, man (hmm, food of the devil, I think!! LOL CP) so we set up and rehearsed and then did a few takes and then the interview part and then we split. Took about 90 minutes in all. Afterwards, we went to the hotel bar and started drinking pints. Then we all said we were gonna walk to the high street to eat and drink but Kose and Troels took too long so Derek, Frazer and myself went out and found this metal club, which played total shite music. Frazer started dancing on the podium and soon was joined by two scantily clad mini-skirted, ripped stocking blondes. It was all very funny. I switched from beer to Cape Cods and soon was drinking Greyhounds. I tried to stay with those but they soon ran out of grapefruit juice and so I was then drinking Screw Drivers. I got super bored and left the club and walked back to the hotel. Frazer and Derek showed up a bit later and then the three of us were drinking pints at 2am with two guests (both gals, can’t remember their names to save my life…) And just getting more and more pissed. Talked to Hannah and then, with all the noise going on, Derek takes the phone from me and starts trying to make me look bad! ‘Mike’s getting pissed with two chicks!!’ But she’s WAY too smart for that and so no explanation is necessary! So I go on and on with the phone talk in a real drunken state and Hannah must be the most patient woman in England because I know I must have been annoying….Went to bed very late indeed….

Mike Randle


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