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Mike Randle


Day 79
April 26, 2004

Photo ©2003 Miramax Films

Our plane left LA at about 9 pm. I slept nearly the whole flight so there really isn’t much to write! spent most of the day running errands and then Rusty and I hit up Trutone and bumped into Nels Cline, whom we congratulated as he is the newest member of Wilco. he was there with his girlfriend, Carla, whom he plays in a band with. I really wanted to watch KILL BILL on the plane but i fell asleep even before we took off. when I woke up, they were serving dinner. so I slept the first 2 hours, ate dinner, and then proceeded to sleep another 7 hours straight. When I woke up again, we had 90 minutes left on the flight. not bad, huh? I like to sleep when I’m not awake. when we landed, it was 3 pm, Wednesday.

Mike Randle


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