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Mike Randle


Day 80
April 26, 2004

The Diary working on The Diary, Part Two Photo by Torben

After our 10 hour flight (of whick I slept 9), we landed in Heathrow mid afternoon. Met up with Glenn at British Airline and cought our 2nd flight to Copenhagen at 7PM. Troels met us 90 min. later and not long after we were drinking at the hotel pub.

Around midnight, everyone else turned in but Troels, me and Glenn. Went to the Hight Street near The Gammel Torv Square. Troels bought me a kebab (apologies to B.B.K.F.) and then we found an Irish Pub. We stayed there till 3 am. Before we left, a Milli Vanilli look-a-like came up to our table and spoke to Troels. We immediately realised he fancied one of us but , since Troels has a twin brother he always makes certain people know it’s not him.

After that, we walked back to the hotel. Troels went home and Glenn gave up as well, so I went to the hotel pub at 3.30am and wound up drinking with a guy named “Coltrane” till 5am. Hit the hay, dead tired.

Mike Randle


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