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Mike Randle


Day 83
April 26, 2004

Wake up call was at 8 am again. Me Glenn and Chap had breakfast with the COWTOWN guitarist. we were driven to the airport and caught our 35 min flight (on a small twin engine jet) to Oslo, where the weather was crisp and clear and the girls were, well, very good looking (to quote Troels). i napped on 45 min drive to hotel and by 1pm we were checked in. i went back to sleep and slept till near 5pm. i showered and decided to go shopping, as i wanted to pick up something nice for a very special friend of mine. on my way out i passed Chapple near the elevator; turns out he’d been in sauna! really living it up, that one. So we walked to the venue (Rockerfeller Music Hall) and it turned out to be next door to John Dee, where we’d played in 2002 (John D Rockerfeller…get it?) we soundchecked for 30 min but my amp had blown, as well as the back up so Troels ordered a Marshall (i was supposed to have a Marshall but somebody forgot to order it…i won’t name names…) and so i used a marshall for the show. but this marshall was kinda crappy…typical 900 series. i wanted an 800 with master volume. oh well. show was really good. afterwards, some one from Mazzy Star came backstage and hung out. there was 1 really really really drunk Norway gal backstage (she obviously snuck in) and it she annoyed the shit out of everybody and i think eventually Glenn threw her out. she was crying about her boyfriend having dumped her. i could see why…so, we went back to the hotel and drank some beers in the hotel pub called harvey’s. There were some very nice looking girls there…i know that sounds shallow and it is worth mentioning that i wasn’t the least bit interested OR tempted but i always enjoy ‘looking’ and, well, when i’m 100 years old i won’t forget Norway anytime soon… Mind you, i do find something endearing about scantilly clad, cheap looking Welsh girls with beer bellies in the dead of winter, coming up to you with those accents saying things like, “you got a fag, mate?” … Priceless… We were all laughing at this bar and Kose’s wife, Lilah, had us all in tears, as she is one funny gal. after that, we all went back to Kose’s room and drank ALOT of Brandy! i looked at my phone and found a really funny text from Hilary that said A.B.A (anybody but arsenal!!!) with that, i was out like a light…

Mike Randle


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