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Day 84
April 26, 2004

woke up with a classic Sunday morning hangover. I texted Manic and said as much. we caught our plane to Trondheim and this was the prettiest of all the cities. we got settled about 4pm and i finally got to a computer and it turned out, in Stockholm, there was a tribute to Gene but I found this out too late, unfortunately… I hope it went well. Ok, so the organizers of this club (Sven and Ingu) took us out to dinner at a place called TEATER AVANT GARDEN, which was very delicious. we had lamb and cheeses and loads of wine. afterwards, we went to a whiskey bar and had some…oh shoot, I forget but rusty bought me a whiskey…and then Glenn bought a round and then, like a true Londoner certainly on the piss, glenn fell right out his chair, to much laughter! we had several pints and listened to Tom Waits and by the time i went to bed (4am?) i was half dead. but smiling…what a way to spend a day off

Tom Waits

Mike Randle


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