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Mike Randle


Days 75-78
April 21, 2004

Friday was day 75, which makes today, Tuesday, day 79. So, this is sort of 75 thru 78 (SINCE i don’t count the day i write…well, if i write day 5 i write it actually on day 6…oh nevermind……) well…so i got back to the real world (from the studio world) Monday morning and met Debra for breakfast at the Central Cafe, on 6th and Central downtown. It was really good and we giggled and gossiped and stuff. then i needed to rent a car again so we called some car rental places and they were no help. so debra gave me a life to union station and they were no help. so i hopped the 304 bus on Ceasar Chavez and Broadway and took it all the way to 18th and Santa Monica BL. walked 2 blocks north to Wilshire and lucked out and got an SUV for the meezly price of $29. drove to Rusty’s for a bit and then went over to the new guy’s house for a few hours. then i picked Julian up from school and drove to Beverly Hills park, which is about 5 minute from his home/school. there were alot of kids there and also many women with extremely large breast. must be the water, i thought to myself. so we did that till 7pm and then i took him to the Chippy Cafe on SM blvd, off Kings Road. and he had dinner and then ice cream and then he wanted M & Ms so i relented and let him have some out the gumball machine. Then i took him to his mums and he was a perfect angel, if there is such a thing. he gave me a hug and told me to have a safe trip. i thanked him and asked him to make things easy on his mum and to continue to enjoy himself and his life. let West Hollywood about 8pm and miraculously got to Rusty’s in 16 min flat. there was no traffic. maybe everyone was at the Laker game? Grabbed Rusty and, at Lincoln and Ocean park, we put on “Gaucho” and it went off (song 1, that is) just as we pulled into GILBERT’S mexican resteraunt. $132 later we walked out there stuffed and near drunk. headed to the Tavern where Brian Wilson posse (Darian, Nelson and Scott) were waiting, along with the Swedes and David Jenkins, his girl Cynthia and her friend (name escapes me…dang…sorry) and we proceded to plow through the Tavern’s libations like it was the end of the world. I staggered back to Rusty’s and then we had the late night munchies and did a (oh no) Tommy’s run. Yep. Not wise, i know, at 2am n all…then i hit the hay and it was about 2:30am. tomorrow we fly to Copenhagen, i was thinking, as i drifted off…dreaming about me and Parker Posey..hanging out at the Daily Pint (on Pico and Cloverfield). DAY 79 took the rental car back and then got back to Rusty’s and he did some laundry. we then went over to TRUETONE for guitar picks and stuff and ran into Nels Cline (Wilco guitarist) and his lovely lady, guitarist/ vocalist, Carla B (cannot spell nor pronounce her last name..but she used to be in the Geraldine Fibbers). After that we went to bay cities for lunch. Rusty has a sandwich (a Godmother) and i had the Chicken Orzo. After that i did my laundry and also had to pick up some DVDs from the new guy and then, well, i was off to LAX (or X-LAX, as i call it)…and there in lies the end of this here diary. till tomorrow…

Mike Randle


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