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A Break In Days Revisited
April 16, 2004

The weatherman has called for rain this weekend. now, it’s been gorgeous for over a week and now he wants rain. I don’t understand that. to me, it signals Brits flying in to LA who have brought bad weather with them. is there any way to close the airport? drove around a bit in the city today..also ran some errands. saw that old Blair (aka, Pinnochio II) was visiting us Yanks. He’s once again trying to patch up Pinnochio I’s flubs on this invasion from hell. good luck to em all. this trip to scandanavia couldn’t come at a better time as i am going a bit mental dealing with all this stuff going on in my life and so i kinda welcome this break. when my record is done then i think i will feel 100%. it’s nearly there and the finishing touches are forth coming…and the Lakers start the playoffs tomorrow against the Houston Rockets…Kobe is back hitting his shots and Shaq has stopped crying (for now)…we must take back what is rightfully ours… and wow isn’t Susan B a sweetheart for offereing me a ride the other day…i guess i am soooooo lucky in that no less than 5 very kind ladies offered to let me have a room in their place until i found a place (one even said “for as long as i wanted”) and that sounded neat but of course i couldn’t impose on anyone but Rusty and Lisa! Oh well, huh? MMmmm…and Deborah and I are supposed to go to Senor Frog on monday for fish tacos…(whups, there goes that word again)… and i hafta make timne for my friend, linda, who plays awesome keys with Lisa Marie Prez and she knows the drain on you from traveling and so it’s nice to spill a few pints with someone who’s been there but of course i have to make time AFTER scandanavia…oh dang, i missed a good show at the KING KING last night…BIG ELF played and if you haven’t seen them..please do…find their site er somethin’. well, the wind is a callin…back in a few days time…thars work to be done…

Mike Randle


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