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Even More Notes From Madrid
March 31, 2004

Ok, in less than a week all the diaries should be caught up. This Diarist has been down for the count with a bawdy case of influenza. This cold rainy weather in Madrid doesn’t help any but at least the food is great! Today being wed, that leaves 5 days and 2 shows left of this 39-show, 64-day, 6-country tour de force! We´ve had good meals, great meals, not-so-good meals, and downright awful meals. Stayed in over 40 different hotels in over 50 cities, traveled like mad, and slept little. watched tons of TV and drank loads of ale, not to mention quite a bit of whiskey. I laughed quite a bit and also had my share of a cry or two. I enjoyed seeing all my friends in all these countries yet missed my family and friends back home. we blew up 7 amplifiers between the 4 of us. we waited in a lot of airports and read a lot of novels. we watched many EUFA football matches and ate way too many chips. we froze like mad in Newcastle and Birmingham and couldn´t get out of Stoke-on-Trent fast enough… all in all… I think we did alright.

Mike Randle


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