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More Notes From Madrid
March 30, 2004

So here I sat sick as a dog (why are dogs the ones to always be sick?) but managed my way down to the internet at the bottom of our hotel. Since there is a dairy forthcoming on this very subject i will use this time to simply gab, if that is alright with you. Have been doing some thinking and i think it´s best if i leave alot of my personal life and personal issues out of the diaries. don´t you think? or maybe the names should be out. I dunno, but i don´t feel right talking about Rita so much in a diary. I don´t really know what she thinks about it and i kind of don´t want to find out. But i think i can maintain my interest (which is why i even write em!) as well as entertain a few of you, God willing. And it brings my great pleasiure that in some many countries with so many languages, people come up and tell me how much they like and read the diaries! Now, Eleanora, from Italy, suggested these tours´DAYS diaries be written in several languages. And I thought, not a bad idea! But i could even go further and read them off a CD so people could listen while traveling. So i think, since the Scandic tour is right around the corner, i am going to write up to 100 days ( next monday being Day 64) and then the usual format will be back in place. But that would be the name 100 DAYS and also it would be a little different as i could add my notebook journal (which has more specifics about the gigs) into the pages and make it a nice read. Or maybe i am being too otopmistic? I am suffereing from the flu right now. And very soon, my life will take on the very real REALITY SHOW feel to it as i search for new living quarters, whilst crashing on friend´s couches, in between quick meals and late sleepovers possibly at my mom´s…or maybe i´ll dart off to vegas on the weekdays and come back on the weekends to see Julian? This Spring into Summer is going to be an odd one. But then again, i spose i´m an odd one. Don´t really know too many people like myself (thank goodness) and i probably wouldn´t recordnize one if i did. So there you have it, suffering and scraping in action. Maybe it could be a book called WHAT NOT TO DO IN LIFE or maybe it could be a novella of some sort and by some miracle made the NY TIMES best seller list and before you could say “Proper Bo”, i´d be on the beaches of Fiji, drinking Manhattans and listening to “The Night Fly.”

Mike Randle


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