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Get That Torch Out Ma Way
June 17, 2004

Took my rental car back today and it was a mess just driving down Wilshire Boulevard, due to some silly people running with a torch and being followed by a bunch of TV cameras; who wants to watch that? So after that, i walked to the 3rd street Promenade where i bumped into former NBA basketballer (New York Knicks) Mark Jackson, and he was real nice, although all i said was hello. i was tempted to ask him what he thought of detroit cheating for 4 games in order to steal the NBA ring from my lakers but i thought it best to let him enjoy the morning with his young son. So i walked from there all the way home. all told, a 3 mile walk. Then Rusty picked me up and we drove to Chapple’s studio for rehearsal. Of course, we had to battle ‘Torch’ traffic just to get there. What is up with that? 20th anniversary of the LA Olympics and we use over 100 cops for THIS? gimme a break. gimme my tax money back. well, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, OCHRE Records has an offer you can’t refused and i have been chosen as the labels mouth piece to deliver said message. FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, Ochre will include a FREE, autographed copy of Mike Randle’s MY MUSIC LOVES YOU (even if i don’t) per two (2) copies of the new cd BARSTOOL BLUES either online or by phone (while supplies last). Three (3) cds for the price of 2. Just in time for the June weddings, June birthdays, Summer Solstice, Pagan celebrations, Father’s day, Iraq’s Sovereign and anything else you can think of. Also, an October solo tour (with some possible TRIO shows in selected towns) is in the early stages. early sales of Barstool Blues will certainly determine whether it’s financially possible to take on a tour of the UK at this time. it is most certainly in the cards. WE NEED YOU in the MIKE RANDLE ARMY (M.R.A). by the way, Rusty has taken to naming some of the LOVE fans as the M.R.A! i say, hell yeah! let’s kick this thing in 3rd gear n stuff…. OK, so below is the information. Freedom Man will also incude this info on his site (and don’t you just love his little jokes when he posts new diaries? ok, so he’s not a comedian…nobody’s perfect…). Cheers and I wish the BEST for everyone, all the time. ORDER YOUR COPY now (and for a limited time only, receive a FREE copy of Mike’s first solo record, MY MUSIC LOVES YOU {even if I don’t} when you purchase TWO (2) Copies of BARSTOOL BLUES) direct from the Ochre site! www.ochre.co.uk to purchase by PAYPAL. OR send a check (or cheque, ok?) made payable to Mike Randle… (ok, only joking.) make it payable to: Ochre Records PO BOX 155, Cheltenham, Glos GL51 0YS England Credit Card telephone orders: 01242 571572 (from UK) 01144 1242 571572 (from LAND OF THE FREE) Ok, with a little team work we can do it!

Mike Randle


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