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Summer Of Love
June 16, 2004

Mike shows he’s a Beckham fan (see Jersey) and has time to scare LOVE fans at the Knitting Factory

well, it’s near mid-summer and LOVE is heading off for jolly England and Wales again with some action-packed rock and roll and that endearing stage banter we all have come to love. Music, music fans (can you say Josiah?), kebabs (Tina, guide me!) and everything i love about the wicked unpredictable time they call Summer In Britain. Although this is a short trip, we love playing it just the same. Th elast tour of the UK was very long, cold and wet (like a Walrus) and hopefully the weather holds up fine this time. Hannah has informed me that it’s been hot and so she’s down her Dodger tee i sent her, due to the humidity, but John E’s shop is across the road and i was curious if she’s got the shades down (only kidding John, you’re a perfect gentleman…BTW, got the book today…thanks!) but innit that half the fun in the Big Smoke? So, funny that no one mentioned the David Beckham REAL MADRID tee i wore at the Knitting factory…c’mon LA, he’s the most FAMOUS footballer in the world. who cares that he text messaged a gang of gals and had a bunch of romps with some Spanish Chicas Caliente; the boy can play ball! (although, as Hannah pointed out to me today, he choked in the game versus France…whups…) But i like old Becks. Miss Spice is a different story (hey, can she sing? was she a singer with them or just a model?)…she’s probably innit for the image of being famous (ok, that’s not entirely MY opinion…i was swayed…) but who cares, right? what’s REALLY inmortant in all this… …is what’s going with Corry street and East Enders! i am totally out of the loop and cannie wait to kick back with Han and giggle and cry and scream and look on in disgust as those two Brit soaps pull and tug me in all directions while wrecking my emotions and tearing at my soul. ok, maybe i’m making too much out of it…but i love those shows…and i miss em…but soon we shall be reunited…just like me and everyone else…yes, a summer of love indeed…

Mike Randle


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