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Give It Up For Jazmaan
May 31, 2004


Well, I was trying to get over my stomach problems when Jazmaan returned my call. See, we live only about 200 meters from one another but had never been INTO each other’s pad. So i went over to his place and gave me the full showing and his place is NICE. 3 stories and a nice view of the Santa Monica mountains. He also showed me his MIDI computer programs and he played some EXCEPTIONAL harmonica along with the jazz track. Now, if any of you may recall, Jazmaan came along on that ’96 LOVE euro tour we did. And it was in Odense that Jazmaan and that other famous harmonica player had a jam, which Chapple on bass and me on guitar. Daddyo had the flu and was asleep but i think rusty may have hit some pillows. it was raining in Denmark but we made Odense our home that night. So then, after i checked out his crib, he got a taste of mine. Now, this place has the pluses and the minuses. first off the property is way cool. done up in TIKI Sienna, with a recreational room that has a pool table, tv and fridge. Also, there is a nice jacuzzi, waterfal and sauna room (1 for the guys, 1 for the gals). Yes, too nice to believe. then you open my door and you se 2 smelly cats who would be better served as an appetizer for those mountain lions around Sam’s house in Topanga Canyon. i would drive em myself. And before any of you drippy gals start going on and on about how cute and independent cats are, i’d liek you to think about how people get so sick from them, yet few of us get sick from dogs. why is that? i say throw em to the mountain lions and let god sort em out. so i showed him round. first to the north balcony (where you can see the beach), then to the east balcony and then my room, them my bathroom and then we stepped into the kistchen so we could light a match and lite the incents to offset those smelly cats. yuk. Alia’s bathroom is through her room and i’ve never even been in either (and i don’t plan to either) so i on;y showed him that…this messy place. a nd then i walked him out the back way where, from the back balcony, you can see all of marina del rey, palis verdes, the planes landing at LAX, the boats leaving San Pedro and the private planes leaving the Santa Monica airport. And that was that. i went back to writing on the computer and he back home to play his harmonica. I wish you could have heard it. it was that good.

Mike Randle


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