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Solitary Standing
May 31, 2004

Well, Ochre should have the Barstool masters off to print any minute, which means you’ll get your record very shortly. A humungous thanks to everyone’s support. I really hope you like it and enjoy it. And if you don’t, it’s ok, you can say so. But I am placing bets that you’ll like it. The diary has been busy and on a semi-emotional rollercoaster ride with personal problems but am feeling that I may be back in the swing… I can see my sense of humor off in the distance. Oh yeah, would ya’ll please stop picking on Caryne? Have a pint with her. She’s really funny. Everything from music to my emotions have been in a hurricane-like state. but who doesn’t have issues that have to be dealt with? i must say, a big thanks to Hannah for giving me wonderful advice and just being a mate beyond belief. Ringing me up and makingme laugh means a lot. I’d been having soem stomach problems that were tied to stress. Taking Jules to the park did wonders for me but this weekend he’s at his aunt Linda’s. Speaking of that: I dropped him off at her house in El Segundo, which is a city that sits just south east of LAX airport. My uncle Sterling was firing up his grill and he had some amazing APPLEWOOD logs burning and well, I know it’s gonna be good. They are saving me a plate for tomorrow. and i look forward to it. Sterling knows how to BBQ. Uncle Sterl is from Galveston Bay, Texas. That’s about as close as you can get to teh bayou w/o being in Louisianna. So I left Jules there with his cousin, Naz, And I tried to afford Memorial Day Weekend traffic. I’ve spent the majority of my time lately, alone. it’s been good but I also miss the road, the great LOVE fans, the kebabs with Tina and Brummy Jim, all the trouble Scottish Keith gets me into, Dukie and John E and Steve62 and OLD MAN. And caryne and her tatooes. These are some good folks to chat with and just have an enjoyable time. i feel completely homesick from England. Where I live, the weather is perfect, the beach is gorgeous and the women are pretty. it’s raining in England and the food sucks. Yet, there are things i miss about England so much. And, some people are so kind, having sent me cool brit comedies (thanks Josiah!), and Sweet Hannah sent me a DELAYS shirt! Ever heard of them? They are from Southhampton and are a really good band. So i can’t wait to return to the Big Smoke and have a pint and pay with 3 queens smiling, beguiling. And maybe hilary will bring a sandwich or maybe jackie will let me drive her car? (forgetaboutit!!!!!) It’s wide open. well, i don’t have much extra time this time around, as we are using a tour bus this upcoming trip, but i am looking forward to a pint with a charming young lady from Dorset who has promised to cheer me up. Methinks i cannie go wrong.

Mike Randle


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