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Mike Randle


Hello England!
February 6, 2004

well, we have been here for nearly a week now and i type this on a crap BT phone kiosk. Norwich was interesting. the show sold out and many more coudnt get in but last nights show in brighton was tops. martyn filmed the 2 shows for the NEW GUY, as the Singr left his camera states side. keeping this one short, as we are off to Cardiff in this cold and rain. must say though, THE KEYS are worth seeing and so ar the YARDS. our crew are spot on as well, with Antony (nicknme: PENNY) selling merch. like mad (great new shirts…just ask John E!), Troels as our tech, Bent tour Mging and Kose on Sound. All wehve to do is rock for you.

Mike Randle


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