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Love On Earth Must Be! — By John E.
February 6, 2004

I left King’s Cross, for Brighton, at 2.45pm. A public announcement said that there would be delays to all destinations, due to a fatality at Selhurst. This sounded ominous. As if to prove that the rail network never get anything right, the train then arrived on time! Brighton was grey, mild, and damp (but not wet, as threatened). Having checked into my hotel, I hooked up with my old mate Foxtrot Echo. Foxtrot (otherwise known as Greg) used to appear in Coum with the infamous Genesis P. Orridge (these days he’s an antique dealer in Brighton, with wife and “would-be rock star” son). We hit Concorde 2 at 7.30 pm, almost synonymously with Gill from the message board, and her friend. We were all just in time to grab a pitch at the front.

As one who has an aversion to support bands, the Keys came as a pleasant surprise. Any band who kick off with Gene Clark’s “Feel a Whole Lot Better”, and includes Syd Barrett’s “Lucifer Sam” in their set, is alright with me! Then, at 9.45 prompt, as “Heroes and Villains/In the Cantina” faded on the speakers, our heroes took to the stage. Without being too gushing, I can honestly say that I’ve run out of superlatives to describe recent Love gigs. I suspected that we might get a shortened and routine set. Not so! For best part of two hours, we were treated to what can only be described as a Love fan’s dream. Not in sequence, we got the whole of “Forever Changes” (save “Good Humour Man”), “Your Mind and We”, “Orange Skies”, “She Comes in Colours”, “Stephanie”, “Signed DC”, “My Flash on You”, “Everybody’s Gotta Live/Instant Karma” and “August”. “7 & 7 Is” was marred only by the photographer contorting in front of me. Announcing “the first track we ever played”, Arthur, who was in good spirits, broke into “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog” (!), quickly changing to “My Little Red Book”. But it didn’t end there…I managed to out-shout the guy screaming for “Softly to Me”, and got “Rainbow in the Storm ” (11.22 pm, and the first time I’d heard the band play it). This was followed by “Can’t Explain” and “Singing Cowboy”. Throughout the set, I was able to observe the intricate counter-melodies that Mike plays alongside some of Arthur’s vocals. I also paid attention to the extraordinary range of emotions that I go through during a Love gig. Intoroducing the band towards the end, Arthur forgot to mention Rusty. Rusty, in turn, playfully pretended to whack him from behind with a towel, as he left the stage.

Retaining the euphoric mood, “Good Vibrations” was played, when the band left the stage. A neo-hippie whirled on the dance floor (rather like Kim Fowley in “Pegasus Carousel”). It was good to meet some new “Love people” such as dark haired Jill from London and her blonde friend (standing behind me). Then there was blueboarder Paul Adsett and Ashley from Brighton, and of course Mike Dimarco. Miraculously, the bar was still open at the end, and the Diary himself made a short appearance there. One young lady reminded him that he had signed her love knickers at the previous Concorde gig! Finally, I stocked up on merchandise…two T-Shirts, two mugs, and one key-ring. If I carry on at this rate, I hope to see myself listed as an official sponsor of the Love tour!

After such a gig, I was buzzing well into the early hours (finally getting to sleep with the aid of a Nurofen). However, I still managed to wake in time for a stroll by the seafront, as well as have an astrology rap with the young lady who served my breakfast.

Love on Earth Must Be! John E

Mike Randle


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