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How Men Suffer For Children
May 15, 2004

Mistakenly had my alarm turned on and it went off at 7 am which snapped me to attention. I got up and continued to pour through hundreds of notes I’d kept since about 1994 on various things like the food I ate, places I’d been to, and people I’d met. I’d also made notes (from memory) of things like old girlfriends, old musician friends, gigs and whatnots that date as far back as 1981. I have a MASSAGE stack of crap that i sift through when i feel brave and, well, it’s very strange to peek into the past, innit? But some of this stuff is quite funny. i even have a detailed account of the night baby lemonade opened up for LOVE. And it’s more than the diaries or the countdowns describe. Because i’ve never given everyone EVERYTHING and , well, i think it’s best that way. But it IS a gas to pour over some of this stuff. and i ahve cool, really old photographs. Like i have one of henry lui, rusty and myself sitting backstage at Raji’s drinking beers. WE LOOK SO YOUNG! and it was from about 11 or 12 years ago. And then there’s a whole story VERY FEW people know about. it dates back to 1990-91 when i was in a band with my friend, Gary Calamar. it was just gary, me and a drum machine. we called it THE IMAGINARY FRIENDS. more on this very interesting band in the very near future. but, put it this way; both Dave Green and Rusty EVENTUALLY SERVED TIME in the I.F.!!!!! so, i rolled out of bed and went and got some coffee and then i went up to WHOLE FOODS to get some homeopathis stuff for cat allergies and it’s also where our friend, Jade, works. (remember jade? Traci Green’s best friend? Rusty calls her JADE THE SLAPPAH but it’s only in jest. she’s a good girl). then i went and bought some very cool, all natural Peruvian Andean incents made from Wiracoya wood. i burned some in teh living room and i must say they create miracles. anyone interested should contact espiritusdelande@hotmail.com they are small thick wood sticks. they make a difference, as far as i can tell. So then i get breakfast at Joe’s diner (the usual) and then i head home to do a load of laundry and go thru my usual ratta-tat-tat with the new guy (he drives me crazy but i still love him) and then i drove to west hollywood to pick Julian up from school, which was around 3pm. we drove to my place and dropped his stuff off. got into our trunks and chilled in the jacuzzi for an hour or so. then we went to Joe’s again for fish dinner and then to the beach. THEN Julian ran off and i tried to catch him in my sandals. it was ok, he only ran off in the sand but i could barely keep up (he has asthma…so this was impressive) and now the sun was nearly setting and i finally caught up with him and then he was letting the waves hit his feet. by the time i got to where the water was i could see about 6 or 7 women either walking or playing in the water, all bikinni clad and alone. So, i thought to myself, this is the secret hideout of the dusk bikini gals. (ok boys, take ashland all the way to the sand, go left after the bike trail for about 50 meters. there you go) then a huge wave takes julian down and he’s all wet (my big fear…no change of clothes) but lucky for him, it was still warm, even at 7pm. so we headed home and he changed clothes and cleaned up and then i let him watch DisneyToons for 30 minutes while i followed the basketball game (Minnesota and Sacramento) on the internet. Then i let Jules have a treat (Gogurt) and then it was his bedtime and so he went down to sleep just before 8:30. i read some more Wilde and also wrote in my journal. The warm, light breeze was oozing through my window and then i thought about how i hadn’t even worn a jacket in over a week. and then i went to look in on my kid. and thought about how big he was getting and how smart he was and also how much of a rascal he was. i was enjoying it, even the nutty parts. because i knew, in just 7 or 8 years he would be fighting for his independence the same way i had fought for mine. and he probably will think he knows everything, just like i thought I knew everything. and it’ll be perfectly fine with me as long as he doesn’t knock my guitar out of tune.

Mike Randle


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