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Take Me Out To The Ball Game
May 15, 2004

Well, after finishing a nice cup of java at Velocity cafe, I went round Rusty’s to pick him up (about 10:30am) and then we went over to Roland and Ayumi’s house, which is not far from where we live really. see, you take ocean Park east until it runs out (on Pico, near Treasure Island -wow…haven’t been there in a while…) and make a right and go just past Sepulveda and you’ll be there. we then left his pad about 11:15 and hopped on the 10 fwy to a traffic jame from Satan’s lair. this continued all the way downtown until we got to DODGER stadium. and who do we see in his fucking convertable (top down, thanks alot) PORSCHE but Spoiler Sam! he’s goong to the game. he passes us in a jiffy. i text him but his phones off. so we 4 continue and finally get a parking space, pay for our tix (we decided to go for some good seats at $17 each) and then go thru the gate and before us lies heaven itself: BEER & DODGER DOGS!!!!!! So, i dunny know what Ayumi and Roland got (they got dogs and maybe a soda er sumthin) but Rusty and me got 2 beers and a DODGER DOG and i be damned if i didn’t load that mofo up with Ketchup, mustard, relish and a huge stack of oinions (Chapple would kill me… he HATES oinions…as a matter of fact, Dave Chapple would make it illegal to grow oinions if he were president)..and then we headed to our seats. it was the 2nd inning and the scaore was already 4-0. Dodgers were losing. But when you are shoving a Dodger Dog in your mouth and chasing it with a beer you can’t really concentrate or appreciate the nature of the score. Once we were finished, we were angry that the Dodgers were playing like such wussies. by the 7th inning, the Chicago Cubs were laying a right ass whupping on the Dodgers and the score was 6-nil. i then went to buy a Dodger wallet and picked up something for Manic. when i got back it was still bleak. so i went up and got another Dodger Dog and Another beer. Rusty only settled for the beer. then the Dodgers started to score a bit! soon it was the 9th inning with runners on 1st and 3rd and a guy at the plate. we were rooting for our team. i don’t know about you but i was a little pissed about all those CUBS fans at a Dodger game! more Cubbues that bleeding blues out there! WHAT. IS. UP. WITH. THAT! and typically, our guy hits into an out and game over. but, hey, Dodgers in first place so THERE! after that, it was the traffic blues…oh and how terrible it was. we decided..ok..I DECIDED to take a mike randle short cut which took us through east LA, little armenia, koreatown, chinatown, the hood and finally to the 10 freeway, which had traffic and then finally to Roland and Ayumi’s home, which is in…it’s near westwood…i forget the proper name. hey, they live RIGHT by the westside pavillion, ok? and i ahte the pavillion cause, when i was a teen, the city knocked down my favorate video arcade, CAPTAIN VIDEO, which used to sit on the corner of PICO and WESTWOOD blvd. until they destroyed it to put up that ugly disgusting mall. YUK! ok, i’ve had my say…i can move on now…but, does anyone remeber the good times there in Captain Video? does anyone remember playing Elevator Action while the guy played Psychedlic Furs over the intercom? ah…the good ol days… so, i dropped then off and then Rusty off at home. and i headed home to finish cleaning up. Alia was on the internet in the dining room smoking a cigarette. we discussed ways to kill the couch. then i had a budweiser. the working man’s beer. and then she asked to use my shower cause her shower head was not working right. what, MY shower? you mean we have our own showers? i am, like SO blonde. i didn’t even know. (thank god i’m not really a blond or it could have been worsse…oops…now i’ll sure here from blondes on that…espeacially BBKF.) so i said, OF COURSE! and then i had to vacuum and stuff, as Julian was to come over on friday (today being thursday) and i didn’t want the lad to die a horrible death…) and then, about 7pm Sam calls me and asks if i saw that SHOT! wot shot? i thought the Leker game was on at 7:30! not! it came on at 5pm. the Lakers beat the Spurs on a last second shot by Derek Fisher. So i went to the tavern and celebrated with the other laker fans our dominance. But there’s still saturday’s game that could dcide it. I left the Tavern and went home and surfed the net. i sat down and wrote a long politcal essay and went to bed.

Mike Randle


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