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In Need Of Sleep…
August 21, 2004

I was thinking the other day, what we need in this election year (in both the UK and USA) is GANG OF FOUR. There ain’t nothing like that anymore. And funny, but I been writing a gang (N.P.I.) of lyrics and everything I’m writing now has a sort of angst to it, a sort of plea. Now, anyone who knows me knows the things i write for myself are personal light and comfy. That’s cause i like to relax and if i am gonna mix a record that i have to hear a zillion times, it has to be relaxing to me. Of course, Barstool Blues isn’t all roses and chocolate. I wrote that record over the course of 2 years and my life changed dramatically during that time. But making the record helped me thru a lot. I mean, if you think about (and this is funny to me, i dont know about you), barstool blues was released in England and it’s doing pretty damn good for a new release that has very little promotions and no tour (yet) to support it.

Now, the funny part to me is this, and most folks would suggest i not even say this in print. But, i MUST admit i’ve only approached one record company in teh USA to put the record out, and that’s Sympathy For The Record Industry. Now, the guy who runs it, i’m good with. But this record probably aint his thing, which i can understand. it aint punk or alternative or swing (thank god…kill all swing bands now, please..)…but it IS me. and anybody who knows ME knows what i mean. But he didn’t say no. or yes. he just didn’t call me back. which is fine. I love the records Sympathy puts out. But this record is a good one, i feel. I think he should here it. i offered to send it. But he’s a busy man. i still think he should put it out. Maybe i asked for too much money?

So I picked Julian up from school today about 5pm and his mum asked that I get him a hair cut but it was too late and we wanted to catch a ride from teh new guy. From west Hollywood to Santa Monica. with the new guy on the phone with some tech support patsy and the new guy tearing the person a new a**hole. while he drives. with my son and his son in the back seat. and so, i realize he’s taking major short cuts. Now, you may remember, i LOVE shortcuts so I paid attention. And after it was done, i came to realize we saved about 15 minutes on a friday during rush hour traffic. he got to Santa Monica in 35 minutes on a friday at 5;30pm. whoa, huh?

yes, we plowed thru traffic. but it was an interesting way; west on melrose to san vaciente, make a left and then go to burton, make a right. take that as it turns into LITTEL SANTA MONICA BLVD. it was then, around centry city, when we encountered an a**hole who tried to cut us off. the new guy wanted to do all sorts of car acrobats to kill the poor bloke. i reminded him that we had 2 kids with us. so we jetted on a side street and then hit Olympic and did that till 20th street, to which we took the 10 fwy to 4th street, made a left and then took 4th street all the way to drop me and jules off. then he headed to his show store (that his wife runs) on main street and ocean park. it’s called BERRY LEE SHOES. excellent store. patronize it sometime. you wont regret it. ok, i sound like a commercial, huh? well, i miss Hannah and she’s here in a few days so i think i’ll be less cranky! all teh bestest…

Mike Randle


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