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Dont Let Me Down
August 24, 2004

Spaceland Owner, Mitch Frank, me and Spaceland booker, Jen Tefft

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the Andmoreagains play Spaceland for a 2 night spell. I recieve so much interesting email from LOVE fans. I dunno, maybe we make it look too easy cause i ‘ve gotten quite a few BOZO mail from people that think i should get on my knees and thank God or something. Hmm…i would and i will as soon as i can breathe, how’s that?

So, er, um, yes, lets hope Spaceland comes off as good fun, right? I would think it could be a wonderful evening. but then again, i am a romantic optimist. Every now and again i wonder wot people think of me because I know they have it wrong but still i’m curious. And of course the fact that i even ask that means i must have ego problems , right? er, nope. Everybodt thinks about it sooner or later; what does HE think of me?

ok, no more freak talk. Spaceland king and queen, Mitch and Jen, are glad to have us back and they know that no matter how much work they have to put in to make LOVE shows work out ok, we appreciate them tremendously. So, i bid ye good night (or good morning your time) and well not much else i can think of saying, except to buy Barstool Blues, and i’ve said that quite enough.

Oh wait, i nearly forgot; my favorite email is the one that goes on and on about how barstool might be the best record ever…but they wont buy it…yep, the world has fallen asleep…or maybe it’s only yawning? (E.C. would know that answer)

Mike Randle


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