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It’s Tighter Than A Mosquitoe’s Ass
July 28, 2004

Well, last night, The Spoilers played to a semi-packed Bitter Redhead and none other than LOVE Consigliere/Accountant, Michael Minky (and wife) made an appearance, drink in hand. Now, what was so wacky about last night was there were Blondes everywhere… I thought I was seeing things. I got up on CMON BABY LETS GO DOWNTOWN and that was fun playing guitar and singing with them

Tonight Rusty and I are gonna head down to the Troub to see the DELAYS, Southampton’s finest. The Keys’ old tour Mgr./ SOundgal, Bryony, put us on the list. Gonna see if Daddyo and Chapple can make it. I like the Delays. Should be great. Lately have had my head buried in Headphones writing and listening back to demos of new songs. Loads of ideas and pieces of tunes, as well as finished tunes. When i’m not doing that I’m watching all the JUDGE shows..oh my God…People’s court rules. What’s her name? Marilyn, the Judge? I like her. I watch all those shows.

Hannah sent me an email reminding me that every President elected in years that end in ZERO was either assassinated, died, or had an assassination attempt. I don’t our luck is that good. That as mean huh? Not really. Does it make you chuckle like it makes me chuckle when you think about how, the people who make an issue to profess how religious they are or how ‘important it is that they do God’s work’ (see: Bush), that, when it really comes down to it, they are really the Evil ones and are really only serving their own greedy needs. I have no doubt Mr. Bush’s God is that almighty dollar and the power that arrives with it. And any ‘Satan’ (see: Saddam) that gets in his way (see: Oil) shall be dealt with swiftly and violently. Wow, this is going to be a fun election year. It’s tighter than a mosquito’s ass.

Mike Randle


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