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On The Road Again
October 4, 2004

The Anaheim show was a good start – they fed us a really great meal. Chicken, pasta, and mashed potatoes. Colin and Rod were really impressed by the professionalism of the Grove and we were too! Very professional. The show was a fun show – a good show and Love fan Cheryl was supposed to give me a hug from Hannah but then she asked me what kind of beer I wanted and before I could tell her she was gone. There were a lot of cool Love and Baby Lemonade fans there and I signed a lot of stuff for both bands. Chris Utter bought me a couple of beers. Thanks Chris… The crowd was great in Anaheim and after the show, after Rusty and I had to hightail it back to Santa Monica, we just went to sleep.

Next morning, everybody went to Jack in the Box, then got on the tour bus. We drove down to SD, got there about 2:00 PM. Hung out with the Zombie guys. After our soundcheck we all went to Baja Fresh, then I met up with Laura Kelly and then, after the show, which was a great show, Laura hung out with us and we drank beer and watched Sports Center on the bus… Laura went home about 1:00 AM, and the bus left for Colorado at about 3:00 AM. We crossed the Utah border about 9:00 AM which was really 10:00 AM. We stopped to get enough beer for a day off, then I got a text from Hannah that an emergency resupply of Love On Earth Must Be CDs will get to Detroit before we do. (Editor’s Note: The New Guy will finally be able to take a shit, probably.) A stop at Denny’s for breakfast, then we watched football all day. Then me, Kose, Frazier and Rusty started playing poker for a twenty dollar pot and Frazier eventually took all our money.

Now, we’re going to Walmart to get a replacement DVD player, hopefully we’ll get to our hotel soon and get some rest. We also have to repair one of my pedals.

So that’s it – more soon. Don’t forget to write.

Mike Randle


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