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Mike Randle


July 24, 2004

I am so upset that I haven’t seen the Smile shows! And next Saturday, Hannah and one of my best mates, Richard Meehan, are going to Smile together whilst I sit at home in Santa Monica…it’s no fair, i tell ya. I’m moving on friday so i’ll have a ton of things to keep me busy. just finished some demos for new songs and so i am sat down to work on more ideas and stuff.

Also, we got some gigs in LA next month and that should be exciteing. Note to LOVE FANS: i havent a clue wots up with Spaceland so play it by ear and as info gets to me i’ll pass it on. I appreciate all the interest but i really can’t say what we will actually do and how we’ll do it. We lieterally JUST found out. but should be right fun. Spaceland rocks.

Well, i must get back to this guitar. A much longer (and better) diary is on the horizon. Sorry if i am such a bore today. i have some hpone calls to make.

Mike Randle


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