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Stop Thief!
May 8, 2004

well, the day started off good. i had a nice cup of tea at the Velocity cafe (around the corner from the Bitter redhead) and then did some laundry and stuff and then i went to pick up an amp from my friend, John Wood (who also engineers our LOVE sessions), at his studio but the bugger had run off to San Diego and forgot to tell me. gee, thanks. so i went to Rusty’s and then we went to Truetone to get his amp that had been repaired and then we drove to Hollywood taking the wacky Mike Randle short cut which was, take the 10 FWY to La Cienega. take that 1 block before Pico. make a right. take that street to Crescent Heights. make a left. take that all the way to Melrose, make a right, then a left on the street right before fairfax, make a left. take that to Willoghby, make a right then a left on fairfax. take that to hollywood BL., make a right. and stay on that to Sycamore, exactly where the Knitting factory is! So we sounds check and stuff and half the mic stands dont work but the crew (engineer PAUL rules!) are cool. afterwards Rusty and I mention the lock being broken on the dressingroom door. it’s met with a “it’ll be ok” response and we nervously accept this (unfortunately, as you’ll see later) and then Rusty, me and the New Guy head to Ruffalos for Italian food (Rusty had pizza, i had Spaghetti and TNG had Fetticine Alfredo, i think…oh yeah he did cause he complained about the sauce…said it was bland. it was.) after that we walked back to the KF (only 1 block) and went backstage for beers. by now Scooty was there, as well as some of his friends. So we kinda lingered in the hallway, seeing as how our “space” was a bit too crowded. then Julie and Heather (violin, viola) showed up in this beautiful dresses! and so TNG got picture of Heather and i on the couch in the other dressing room kicking back. well, it was near showtime and Ana (cello) and carrie (Violin) were standing next to me, as well as Probyn (trumpet) and then we hit the stage. first folks i saw, to my left (in front of Rusty) and in the front were Lisa Jenio and Heidi Rodewald. If any of you saw Stew on tour with us in 2002, Heidi was his keyboardist/bassist. I said hello to them actually before the show. About teh 3rd song thru, i looked uo and saw SUSAN B in the balcony grooving. i have NEVER seen her back so far, as she’s usually right up front with her space carved out! After the show, i went to my duffle bag and it turned out some a**hole had stolen $80 and my phone! so i spent the rest of the night pissed of and calling t-mobile and all that crap. later on Rusty and i went to Tommy’s. Tommy’s saved the day. people seemed to enjoy the show but who knows what they really thought. about $5000 was raised for Scotty’s medical bills so the night was a success none the less. and thank you to all the LA folk who came out to support the night. cheers. i hit the hey about 2am.

Mike Randle


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