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Big Elf Rox The Troubador, Hell Yeah.
May 6, 2004

got up about 9am and ran some errands, bought some stuff for the house. still need to buy a small dresser and bed (been using my sleeping bag, which i like but i think, in general, people expect you to sleep in a bed). also, need to pick up my Gibson SG and my FAME Acoustic Guitar from Deborah’s house. The FAME has been in my family for 30 years now (My stepdad bought it for my mom in 1974, the same year they bought a convertible caddy, which is the LAST year Caddillac made convertibles…oh those silly factoids…) and i’ve written loads of songs on it. Met up with The New Guy around noon and we went over to ANTONIO’S for Cinco De Mayo lunch. i think he had Tostadas and i had 2 enchiladas (beef) and a salad. i asked for no rice and beans but they gave em to me anyways. the waiter was terrible and wouldn’t refill our water glasses (speaking of water, our margharitas were watered down as well). when we confronted his lack of water filling abilites, he apologized and blame it on Cinco De Mayo. me and TNG looked at each other, completely confused. after that i went to TNG’s house and ordered my brother a New England Patriots football jersey online, as it was his 31st birthday, May 5. then TNG pointed out that my billing address was now different from my home and it might cause problems. i called my bank and wouldn’t you know it, he was right! so my bank changed the info and that was that. I then went to the post office and registered my new address so the mail i ahven’t been getting won’t be coming to my new place. i left there and went and picked up Julian and took him to Supercuts for a haircut. his school had some school fots and the prices were highway robbery. this is the price you pay for placing your kid in a private school in west hollywood, where they fleece you regulary. after we left Supercuts we met TNG and his kid, the little New Guy, at the park, west hollywood park (although i always call it Robertson park for some unknown and unexplainable reason…) and we let those knuckleheads run wild till just before 7pm. i then took Hules back to his Mums and, to my surprise i was handed a package from Norwich England. it was from JOSIAH, the biggest lovefan in all of Norfolk! he’d promised me some Har Mar Superstar stuff so i was happy to get the package. plus he sent some stuff for Julian and also a cool RETURN OF THE JEDI spoken word on record with pictures. thanks Jos! after that, i drove to the Troubador and paid to park at a nearby garage ($6) and went into the Troubador. I saw (Spoilers Lead Guitarist/Co-Vocalist) BROOK outside and so we paid ($8) to get in and then we kicked it at the bar. i ordered a Corona (hey, Cinco De Mayo!) and he had Pineapple Juice! a few minutes later, Sam and a few friends showed up (a guy and his very sweet girlfriend..their names escape me…dang…) and then Sam asked Brook TO ORDER Burgers and then he went up and then he came back and sat down. turns out he only ordered for himself! So Sam went over and ordered 4 more Cheeseburgers with everything on it. Fifteen minutes later we were all grubbing. then Rusty and Jenkins showed up and orderded beer and Cheeseburgers. it was a parade of cheeseburgers. then i saw a couple of friends, Brian Kehew and a few others. Then BIG ELF came on and simply rocked like mad. their sound is a combination of 70’s Prog Rock with Mott the Hoople as it’s instigator. i thoroughly enjoyed myself. After the show, Roger Manning came over to say hi to Jenkins and then Roger and I talked a quick bit and i knew he was a love fan so i arranged for him to get in the show with his girlfriend. Now, Roger has always been one of my musical heroes and if you are a fan of Beck or Jellyfish you’d know what i mean. So after tha show (it was about 9:30) we headed next doot to DAN TANA’S for whiskey shots. But it was really crowded (very Mafia for a wed night, one would think) and so we crowded at one end of the bar (Sam, His friends, Jenkins, Brook, Rusty and myself) and Sam got me a shot of Bushmills, blended but i wasn’t complaining. Then, this big a**hole at the end of the bar starting complaining cause – get this – people are bumping into him and his girl because we are blocking their way. AND we are talking to loud. it’s a f*cking bar, fella! Chill the Eff out, man! so we drank there for an hour and then headed out. I gave Rusty a lift to his car, which was parked at Truetone, and then we met up at the Tavern. I had two Hefeez and then called it a night. I had planned to give Alia a ride home but i was simply too knackered. She said she didn’tmind taking a taxi and so that was that. i drove home (took me 3 minutes), parked, went inside and crashed out. and soon was fast asleep. just. like. that.

Mike Randle


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