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January 8, 2004

My oh my… looks like we hafta fly to the UK the day before the Superbowl which means we land on the 1st… THE DAY OF the super bowl and then we hafta make sure our hotel will show the game, as it comes on around 11:30pm on Sky. last year we watched it in manchester and our bartender was pulling some bull…making us buy bottled beer in abundance while he closed the bar down…and we couldn’t bring kebabs from the take away places into the hotel…and there were hookers outside the hotel and there was a jacuzzi inside the hotel…never used it but it was weird..you could smell it…

so we will try to figure something out. i am hoping for an EAGLES/ PATRIOTS game. i hate the RAMS. ever since they left Los Angeles 10 years ago. Speaking of the patriots, i really wish they would use the old football helmets again. remember PAT? the guy on the old helmet? BRING BACK PAT, is what I say…and now that it’s 2004, CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM is back on HBO in a new season and its as funny as ever…don’t know if they show it in the UK…also, SEX IN THE CITY IS BACK and dang, i love that show…

i was /am recording today but i couldnt tune my acoustic guitar to save me today…made me quite angry so i put it down and decided to write something like this: football, weather and stuff. see, much easier than tuning a guitar. the weather has been gorgeous and we were in the studio as well yesterday and i was kicking it with Mr. Echols and i really like Johnny. its like him and the Singer are brothers or something! but with serious deadlines looming on various projects, everything is hectic and cutting into my tv time, which isnt cool at all. but atleast the Washington Redskins have rehired JOE GIBBS!

Kobe got booed in Denver last night but we LA fans are waiting for ALL the lakers to come home so we can boo them in unison…what is up with this 4 game-losing streak? also, a little advice for Wacko; dude SHUT UP about sleeping with kids! (apparently, he is STILL sharing his bed with those little adorable boys…) …for the record, the Diary is appauled…trying not to stress out…cant forget to tape next weeks CURB for Daddyo…oh yeah…John E. has emailed the Mayor of London on our behalf to have us possibly play some sort of outdoor london concert that David Gray played last year…maybe we all should chime in? and remember..the more you drink, the better it sounds….

… And I am doing an acoustic show upstairs at the garage Feb 29 as part of the Ochre Records 10 year anniversary…my new record, BARSTOOL BLUES, will be available as well…maybe some prizes but certainly lots of fun!

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